Just get down to it!

The title of this blog just echoes a piece of advice given to me this morning.  It’s a simple line that packs a lot of punch!  I’m an avid reader and have been meaning to venture into this wonderful world of writing.  However, I keep putting it on the back burner and each passing day it keeps slipping down a couple of places on my “To-Do” list as other more urgent tasks take utmost priority.  Today is the day that “writing” has taken the top spot!  There’s no procrastinating and no looking back with regret. So here goes, my first shot at penning down my thoughts.

I’ve decided to write regularly from this day forward.  Why you ask?  Well, for the obvious reason that I have so much to say! I’m not sure if every “internet” savvy human being has a blog but if you’re reading this, you probably do have a blog of your own.  Well, my first attempts at creating a blog have proven successful in just over 2 hours.  That’s right! I have taken two hours to come up with this first blog.  WordPress did infact create a free blog for me in five minutes just as is claimed by the simple “blog” creating wizard.  I have however, spent the rest of the time selecting a name for the blog. You see, I wanted the perfect name, not too long, not to revealing, easy to type out and most of all something meaningful.

Whoa!! Meaningful? Wait a minute!! Is that the first thought that comes to your mind when you read the word “arena”? Or is it just the usual stuff like gladiators, Russell Crowe and the Colosseum in Rome?

Frankly speaking, I was so tired picking out names, that by the end of the two hours, I thought this name finally represented everything that I wanted from my blog! 😉  I am just going to use it as a platform to write! Now that you know the history behind the selection of name of the website and the name of the first blog, I really must just get down to it!

Have you ever wanted to do something and then told yourself that you will take it up when you get some free time?  Well, if you look back you will realize that there wasn’t any free time and that particular activity lies forgotten in the recesses of your brain. You may have feelings of regret for lost time.

There is no time like the present to realize your dreams!  I know that is a profound statement to make and that too on a Monday, but if you’re reading this then, I still haven’t lost you.  Make the most of your time today as its never coming back.  Prioritize your tasks such that you can do what’s important and live with little or no regrets.

So, quit procrastinating and just do it (very much like the mantra of a famous “shoe” brand).  It could be that you want to read the latest bestseller, or watch a movie or catch up with your old classmates.  It could be that you want to go your first trek or learn to drive a four wheeler or it could be something as simple as a walk in the rain or sailing a paper boat in a muddy puddle.  Do it today, do it now.

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