Horror stories, Imagination and a lot more…..

Let me begin with a quote by an author who needs no introduction.

Where there is no imagination there is no horror

Horror stories are just not my cup of tea. Given my absolute and undeniable love for tea, I can confidently say that I abhor horror in any form be it print or picture.  I’m a voracious reader. Growing up, I would read just about anything that I could lay my hands on.  The library that I visited during my school days had a lot of classic literature in the form of pocket sized books.  I remember borrowing a book on horror stories by Edgar Allan Poe. The cover had a picture of a haunted castle on the cover.  I read the book and was scared witless.  I never ever looked at a horror book again.

The only “horror” movie that I’ve watched is “I know what you did last summer”.  My friends assured me that there was nothing scary and so I watched it with them at a nearby theatre. Fifteen minutes through the movie, I realized that I had been conned! I spent the rest of the time covering my face and barely looking at the screen. I must admit that I let out a few blood curdling screams at appropriate times during the movie.  That was the last “horror” movie that I watched. I was so spooked that I kept looking over my shoulder for months after that. Long drives were totally avoided especially after sunset and late night movies as well.  I was surprised that people can actually pay a lot of money to go watch a movie that scared them. I mean what sense does that make??

Given my history (hope you have read the two paragraphs above), I tend to avoid the “horror” section in bookstores like the plague! But just recently, I was asked to provide feedback on a short horror story written by a young, talented and brave writer. I think the above quote written by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle fits her to the tee!  She had me spooked right from the first word of the story.  I was keen to know how she thought about the plot and constructed her story in approximately 100 words.  The quote has given me the answer to that question. She most definitely has an active imagination that is like no other I know.

I will conclude with a few fleeting thoughts.  Imagination is what it takes to be creative, to write, or to pursue that dream.  If you don’t imagine it, you probably won’t work towards it. Even reading and writing horror novels needs it!

So as we approach Halloween pick up that scary book or watch that scary movie.  Set your imagination free.

p.s. WARNING!!!! BEWARE!!! The author of this blog is not responsible for sleepless nights that may be the result of reading or watching horror movies.   Don’t say I didn’t warn you!

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